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Tooth Logo Pattern

Thurston Rebranded!

The secret is out – Thurston Comprehensive Dental is now Encompass Dental and Wellness!


Get to know Encompass
Dentist Dr. Frederick Thurston wearing dental loops

Why the change?

Since our establishment in 1980, we've made great strides in our journey. As our company has expanded, our services have evolved significantly. Through years of experience, we've gained valuable insights and come to the realization that our previous name, logo, imagery, photography, and color schemes no longer accurately encompass our true identity.

Stamp mock up for Encompass Dental and Wellness

Our goal & inspiration

A lot of love went into our rebrand and we wanted our new brand to reflect our "all-encompassing dental and wellness" practice. We prioritize compassion, inventiveness, personalization, communal spirit, and unwavering commitment to our patients, and this is why we drew inspiration from the Bauhaus Movement's philosophy of "form follows function" in our rebranding efforts. By incorporating Bauhaus principles, which sought to fuse creativity with practicality and reinvent the design of common objects, we aim to deliver dental services that are not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing and personalized to each patient's unique needs.

Tooth Logo Pattern

Logo Re-Design 

At its core, our objective for the new logo was to "encompass" our identity and evolution. During the creative journey, we remained mindful of a number of concepts.

Design: We've integrated our initials E, D, and W into the form of a tooth to convey the fundamental principles of our business, while the circular shape reflects our our clients overall well-being, symbolizing the inclusive scope of our services, values, and mission.

Concept: Imagine the logo enveloping all of our dental and wellness services with its all-encompassing design, welcoming and guiding our patients toward optimal health.

Purpose: To offer a fresh and exciting vision of our growth and positivity, communicating your values and mission clearly to create a lasting impression that inspires loyalty.

Identity: To represent a welcoming and compassionate spirit that fosters a sense of community, while also exuding professionalism and expertise

Position: To further establish a trusted and reputable brand that embodies innovation and care that caters to our client's needs in an empathetic and impactful way.

Encompass Dental and Wellness Logo Structured
Encompass Dental Horizontal Logo

Although our new logo design may appear to be an effortless stroke of genius, the truth is that we went through countless iterations before settling on the final version. Here are a few other concepts that didn't quite make the cut:

E Block logo by Manthan Gohil
EDW Circle Logo Missing Top by Manthan Gohil
EDW Tooth Logo
EDW Logo Abstract by Manthan Gohil
EDW Cube Logo by Manthan Gohil
EDW Logo Vertical Compressed by Manthan Gohil
E Logo with Triangle Cut by Manthan Gohil
EDW Circle Logo
Tooth Logo Pattern

What does this rebrand mean for our clients?

Whether you've been with us for some time or are encountering us for the first time today, we've undergone a lot of transformations. However, the core essence of our team remains unchanged - we are still dedicated to exploring new frontiers and delivering unparalleled dental and wellness experiences. We've simply infused our approach with a newfound sense of style.

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