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Laboratory technician working at a dental in-house-lab

100% Quality

Premium care built on focused attention, guided direction, and skillful execution.

The In-House Lab Advantage


White Room

The In-House Lab Advantage

Ensuring peace of mind with quality control and precise design. 

Specializing in the “art of dentistry,” Encompass Dental and Wellness

combines modern technology and individual assessment to meet the needs of our patients and help them stay healthy.

Quality Control

We use and source

only the best materials to produce the highest quality dental solutions.

Understanding what goes into your dental care matters just as much as the materials go into your mouth.     

Peace of Mind

Precision Design

We customize our services

to your needs while maintaining the highest standards possible.


State-of-the-art equipment, highly experienced technical teams, and exceptional customer service as the gold standard for dental care.

White Architecture Structure

Our in-house lab features the latest advancements in dental technology.

Machine making a dental impant

Precision Crafted Outcomes 

Advancements in legacy treatments

White Structure
Encompass Dental and Wellness Logo Crest

Total Care,
by Total Control.

"Our in-house dental lab allows us to create customized work for each patient. Instead of working off-site using dental impressions sent by the dentist, our technicians are able to interact directly with the dentist and the patient. They enable direct discussions regarding the shape, size, and color of the restoration face-to-face.

This examination process plays a significant role in creating restorations that will best fit. And in the end, the patient receives a totally customized smile design and treatment.

- Sterrin O. EFDA, Treatment Coordinator

Dental impant model of a lower jaw

In-House Lab Features

Dental tech designing a dental CAD

CAD Design

More efficient, cost-effective, and accurate processes for creating restorations. As the technology continues to improve, so too will the prospects for anyone who needs dental prostheses.

Tooth logo pattern

Debbie Valle

“I'm not local but my drive is well worth the drive. They're ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology and always looking for ways to bring  exciting new services to their patients that can and will improve their health and well being.  They have their own in house laboratory so everything is done right in their office."
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