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Dr. Parker Duke

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Inspiring confidence through premium quality and care, one patient at a time.

Dr. Duke positively impacts people's lives through creative treatment planning and a compassion..

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Dr. Duke at Encompass Dental and Wellness

We revive your self-care to give you the confidence to inspire, every day, through individualized premium, one-of-a-kind services."

Dr. Duke  DMD

Perfect Patient Experience

For Dr. Duke, every patient's ideal experience can differ, but he strives to identify and address their primary concerns while providing education on the underlying causes of their issues. Dr Duke aims to offer effective solutions while also explaining prevention measures that can be taken moving forward, all while maintaining a friendly and efficient approach. Witnessing his patients make progress and achieve their goals we set out together is truly inspiring to him.

Inspired by

Patient's progress & achieving goals

The desire to provide for family 

20,736 +


Procedural Experience

Florida Alumni

D.M.D. with Distinction

B.S. in Chemistry with Honors

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About Dr. Duke

Dr. Duke is true Floridian born in Winter Haven and raised in Frostproof, FL, where his family has resided for over a century. Dr Duke completed his education at Florida Southern College and the University of Florida College of Dentistry. 


His passion for dentistry stems from the ability to positively impact people's lives through creative problem-solving. Dr. Duke enjoy utilizing a customized blend of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, medicine, and manufacturing to address complex issues ranging from aesthetics to pain to chewing function to sleep.

Encompass Dental Health & Wellness was an appealing practice due to its experienced and compassionate staff, along with its utilization of state-of-the-art technology for more accurate diagnoses and predictable treatment outcomes. 

Outside of work he enjoys a variety of hobbies and interests, including cooking, sports, technology, reading, outdoor activities, and spending quality time with loved ones.

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Dr. Duke creates solutions for accurate diagnoses and more predictable treatment outcomes.

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Will Diggs

“Dr Duke and the staff at Thurston listened to my concerns, set up and executed a thorough and satisfying treatment plan. They corrected the things that were ignored or misdiagnosed. I never liked going to the dentist so I am happy to say they made the experience comfortable, caring and painless."
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