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Top 6 Tips to Help Prevent Cavities

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Let's always make a promise to ourselves to put our dental hygiene at the top of our self-care list! Here are six ways that you can help prevent cavities and ensure the longevity of your teeth for many years to come.


1) Pick the Right Toothbrush

At Encompass Dental and Wellness, we recommend power toothbrushes that have rotating bristles that clean away all of the bacteria on and around your teeth. If you are not interested in a power toothbrush, that is totally okay, just be sure to stay away from hard bristles as those can damage your tooth enamel and also lead to a receding gumline. Brushing harder does not mean your teeth are getting cleaner, keep that in mind.

2) Floss & Use Mouthwash Daily

You may be wondering, why is it so important to floss and use mouthwash every single day? Each time don’t, you're increasing your chances for cavities and other pedodontic issues. Flossing helps to reduce the amount of leftover food in between your teeth whereas utilizing mouthwash can help to blast away any bacteria that leads to cavity formation. And of course, another added benefit to mouthwash is the increased freshness of your breath.

3) Don’t Eat After You Go To Bed

A lot of individuals like to indulge in a nice little salty snack or sweet treat before bed, including ourselves. No worries, you don’t have to stop enjoying your goodies before bed, but just make sure you are brushing your teeth before.

4) Fluoride Please

In addition to all of the other suggestions, you could also start incorporating fluoride treatments into regular routine. Not only does Fluoride help strengthen your teeth, but it also helps to protect your tooth enamel.

5) Tend to Dental Emergencies Immediately

When emergencies happen, do not wait to see a dental professional! We offer emergency dental care services in the unfortunate event that you have swollen gums, a broken tooth, or more, we are ready to assist. Holding off to see a professional can lead to worse problems than you began with.

6) Regular Visits

Always be sure you are going to the dentist for your regular checkup and cleanings every six months. This helps to keep your oral hygiene at its best and stay ahead of any potential cavities or other oral threats. Don’t hesitate, and call us today at (863) 967-7548.

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