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5 Facts Every Athlete Show Know about Mouthguard's

Did you know: Did you know that 75% of injuries to athletes occurred when mouthguards were NOT worn?

MMA Head Kick
UFC's Benson Henderson perfectly places a head kick to Frankie Edgar.

As athletes, we often think of mouthguards as a safety precaution above all else. After all, the American Dental Association (ADA) reports that custom-fitted mouthguards can significantly reduce the rate of facial injuries, including tooth loss and fractures, in contact sports. Safety alone is a good enough reason for athletes to purchase and consistently wear a properly fitting moldable mouth guard, but there are other motives to get serious about this underrated piece of sports safety gear.

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Fact #1 - Increased Productivity in Action

Recent studies suggest that wearing a mouth guard can increase neuromuscular force and power production in sports, meaning it might make you throw harder, jump higher, and run faster. While more research is needed to determine why this is, researchers believe it has something to do with the mouth guard's ability to help stabilize the head and neck by clenching the jaw. With virtually no downsides to wearing one, this is a simple thing you can do to boost performance and protect your teeth and jaw.

Fact #2 - A Custom Fit Mouthguard is Key

A poorly fitting mouthguard can do more harm than good. If a mouth guard is too loose, it can fall out or shift during play, leaving the teeth and gums vulnerable to injury. If it is too tight, it can cause discomfort, interfere with breathing, and even contribute to the risk of concussion. This is why visiting Encompass Dental and Wellness for a custom-fitted mouth guard is crucial. We create each mouthguard on location at our in-house lab and each is customized to fit. Our dental professionals can ensure that the mouth guard fits properly, providing maximum protection without compromising comfort or performance.

Fact #3 - You Get What You Pay For

While store-bought athletic mouthguards are typically cheaper than custom-fitted mouthguards, they also tend to be of lower quality. They typically do not fit as well, while underperforming and providing inferior protection for the teeth and gums. Use of store bought sports guards may also require more frequent replacement.

Fact #4 - Proper Use Eliminates Ineffective Results

A mouth piece is only effective if it is worn consistently and properly. Athletes should be trained on how to properly insert and remove their mouthguards and care for them between uses. This includes rinsing it with water after each use, storing it in a ventilated container, and replacing it when it becomes worn or damaged.

Fact #5 - Mouthguards are Essential Equiptment

From hockey to football, volleyball to MMA, Lacrosse to Baseball, or any other contact sport, it's clear that a mouth protector are a crucial piece of protective equipment for anyone participating in contact sports, especially children and teenagers. If your child is involved in sports, be sure to visit Encompass Dental and Wellness and ask about properly fitted mouthguards to help keep them safe on the field or court.

Get Custom Fitted today with our In-House Lab

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